A Russian tragedy, if we’ve ever seen one.

12 fashion designers visiting from Moscow trying to make a splash in the Los Angeles scene thought up a new idea for futurespace themed jumpsuits. They were awesome jumpsuits. Lined with neon glowing uranium from the deepest mines of southern Russia. The Uranium was as unstable as the plans to wear Uranium on one’s body, or so it would seem. An explosion was heard around 3 AM, and the flat in which they were staying was seen flying towards interstellar space, cleanly separated from the rest of the building in a massive explosion causing no other harm whatsoever. Their rate of speed was so high, no one knows their final whereabouts, or if the art deco flat survived the perilous trip through Earth’s atmosphere. One LA local commented, “shit was dope, I hope they’re okay”

Story brought to by Spacebar The Show.

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